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Luxury 1000 Pocket Spring Mattress

Luxury 1000 Pocket Spring Mattress

If you suffer from neck, shoulder or back pain and struggle to get in a comfortable angle at night, constantly shifting from side to side, this mattress will be ideal for you. The pocket springs relieve unwanted pressure from your body by spreading your weight across the mattress. With a layer of hypo-allergenic fibres running throughout the mattress, and it also been dust mite resistant, this product is ideal for allergy sufferers.

All our pocket collection are hand tufted and hand crafted, which makes sure any loose fillings are secure to provide the perfect finish.

Another feature is the air vents within the fabric – allowing the mattress to breathe and in turn assisting with the issue of overheating throughout the night, keeping the temperature balanced and comfortable.

With 4 heavy duty handles to make transporting or turning your mattress as easy as possible. 

Product Details

  • Firmness: Medium-Soft
  • Mattress Construction: Core Construction: Pocket Sprung; Top Layer: Soft Filling
  • Top Features: Orthopaedic, Hypoallergenic, Flippable
  • Core Construction: Pocket Sprung
  • Top Comfort Layer: Soft Filling
  • Orthopaedic Support: Yes
  • Hypo-allergenic: Yes


This mattress comes with a 2 year manufacturers guarantee!

  • Free nationwide delivery within 10-14 days depending on stock availabilty. 

£598.00 Regular Price
£299.00Sale Price
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